Beauty, Balance, and Grace by Katherine Yaksich

I’m excited to share this short I directed featuring JR and some NYC Ballet dancers. Thanks for watching and be sure to check out the NYC Ballet on stage.

Official Selection 2016 Paris Short Film Festival

A film by Reuben Hernandez

Featuring JR, Lauren Lovette, Megan Johnson, Taylor Stanley, and Craig Hall
Produced by Marc Azoulay
Additional cinematography by Frank Maldonado
Set photography by Jen Trahan
Music by I Am Lightyear

That's a Wrap! by Katherine Yaksich

That’s a wrap! The cast and crew absolutely crushed it beyond all expectations. We can’t wait to share this film and bring it out into the world. Stay tuned…

PS Whoever invented the Easyrig is a genius! You saved my back


Photo by Andrew Klein

(at New York, New York)

Tomorrow by Katherine Yaksich

There are so many emotions running through my head right now, mainly of relief and excitement. I just received an email from the NYC Mayor’s office of Film that my shooting permit has been approved for a very exciting stunt sequence that we will film tomorrow. I literally screamed with uncontrollable joy into the phone while talking to my friend Evan. Sorry about that Evan! Long story short, I’ll be directing a narrative short film starting tomorrow that I’ve written and have been working on since March.

This will probably be one of my biggest projects to date. I’ve never worked so hard before in my entire life, and have enjoyed and learned immensely every step along the way.

I haven’t come this far by myself. I owe tremendous thanks and gratitude to my talented cast and crew, and every single person near and far that has helped in some form or another along the way. I could never do this without you. I sincerely love and thank you all (literal tear, tear).

We will do our best to do this story justice, and hopefully bring it to the big screen somewhere near you in 2017. Wish us luck and send us good vibes, we’ll need it :)

Gotta run and make a movie…

Peace and Love,

ANTARCTICA | Brooklyn Short Film Festival by Katherine Yaksich


ANTARCTICA | Brooklyn Short Film Festival

I’m excited to announce my film, Antarctica, will be screening at the Brooklyn Short Film Festival next Thursday, June 16th at 7:30 pm at the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn! The programmers tell us the screening will definitely sell out so be sure to get your tickets early.



I hope to see you there!


making a movie by Katherine Yaksich

I’m 3 months into making my short film, knee deep in preproduction with casting, meetings, trying to coordinate a complicated stunt on the streets of NYC, and a whole list of other things. I’m all in pouring my heart and soul into this project, switched to 7 day workweeks, and forget to eat lunch sometimes. Despite feeling overwhelmed and alone at times, I also feel empowered and able to bring this project to life in a beautiful and compelling way. So many people have been supportive, generous, and willing to help, even strangers (friends of friends of friends of friends of friends, etc.) that don’t even know me. I can’t thank you enough. And I’m learning something new and growing every moment along the way. I absolutely love it and I’m beyond grateful.

I’m blown away by the hundreds of actors that have responded to my casting call. Thank you! I wish I could audition every single one of you, but that is impossible. The amount of talent/passion/dedication/hard work out there is truly remarkable. Keep kicking ass. You inspire me.

I have high hopes for this film and am working towards completing it in time for the Sundance Film Festival deadline in September. If all goes to plan, principle photography should commence in 3-4 weeks (OMG!)!!

Shit is getting real, real fast. Stay tuned folks…

Much Love,

by Katherine Yaksich


Paris Short Film Festival

I had a blast premiering my film, Beauty, Balance, and Grace, at the Paris Short Film Festival. It was truly a memorable and special experience to share my film on the big screen at such a historical cinema in Paris. And some of my friends from California even made it out to the screening! It was wonderful to connect with the other filmmakers and watch their inspiring and moving films. It was well worth coming out and I hope to be back soon. I definitely walked away feeling inspired and empowered to create.

I’m currently in preproduction for a film I hope to shoot before leaving for Berlin this summer, and will be submitting to festivals in 2017. Stay tuned…

All My Best,


Beauty, Balance, and Grace Paris Premiere by Katherine Yaksich


Greetings from Paris!

Tonight is the premiere of my film #beautybalanceandgrace at the Paris Short Film Festival at 10 pm at the historic theatre and cinema, in Room 1 of the arthouse cinema Reflet Medicis on 3 Rue Champollion in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, and I hope to see you there!



(at Paris, France)

Beauty, Balance, and Grace Trailer by Katherine Yaksich


Check out the trailer for my short film, Beauty, Balance, and Grace premiering at the Paris Short Film Festival this Thursday, 5/5, at 10 pm: 

I’m excited to take this film out into the world and hope to see you at the screening! Please invite any friends in Paris :)

A film by Reuben Hernandez
Featuring JR, Lauren Lovette, Megan Johnson, Taylor Stanley, and Craig Hall
Produced by Marc Azoulay
Additional cinematography by Frank Maldonado
Set photography by Jen Trahan
Music by I Am Lightyear

NYC Independent Film Festival - Films - Antarctica by Katherine Yaksich

Check out this interview I did for my Antarctica film premiere next week. Below are some excerpts and the full interview is here:

Interview by Kerby Pierre. 

KP: Thank you Reuben for taking the time to answer some questions for us. Your film is very unique. What inspired you to film this exotic short?
RH: I had a strong feeling that visiting Antarctica, my final continent, would be a significant life experience. I wanted to memorialize the journey in a special, meaningful way. I was inspired by Ron Fricke’s time-lapse work in Samsara, and the one second a day sequence in the movie, Chef.

KP: The film shows NYC, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Antarctica. Why did you choose those five locations?
RH: The film begins and ends in NYC, which is where I live now. Argentina is where we embark on the Antarctic expedition ship, and I also wanted to visit the Salar de Uyuni (salt flats) in Bolivia, and photograph the Milky Way rise above the Atacama Desert in Chile, one of the driest places on earth.

KP: Of all the vast landscapes of these five diverse countries how did you narrow it down to two minutes?
RH: It was incredibly challenging to film every single day, especially on the boring days where not much was happening, such as travel days or days at sea. I really had to reach and try and find beauty in the mundane, and editing it down to just one second a day was extremely difficult. There are a lot of beautiful shots that didn’t make the final cut.

KP: What do you want the audience to get from this beautifully shot short?
RH: There is beauty everywhere, even in the mundane. Antarctica, the largest wilderness area in the world, transformed and forever changed me. Never in my entire life have I been in such close proximity to so much wildlife and such raw, untouched beauty. It humbled me because it is like no other place on earth. I hope these images will have a lasting impact and inspire others to protect and safeguard the future of our planet.

by Katherine Yaksich


I’m excited to announce my short film, ANTARCTICA, will premiere at the NYC Independent Film Festival on Wednesday, April 27th at 4:15 pm, and will screen along with 8 other shorts.


Info and tickets:

I would be so honored if you came out and/or invited anyone that would be interested. I look forward to seeing you there!



by Katherine Yaksich

How to Quit Your Job

Check out this fun 30 sec sketch video I directed :)

Improv + the 21st Century:

Directed and edited by Reuben Hernandez
Created by Lisa Pertoso
Produced by Lisa Pertoso and Reuben Hernandez
Featuring Poppy, Philip Markle, and Star
Additional Cinematography & Studio provided by Daniel Castro