Tomorrow by Katherine Yaksich

There are so many emotions running through my head right now, mainly of relief and excitement. I just received an email from the NYC Mayor’s office of Film that my shooting permit has been approved for a very exciting stunt sequence that we will film tomorrow. I literally screamed with uncontrollable joy into the phone while talking to my friend Evan. Sorry about that Evan! Long story short, I’ll be directing a narrative short film starting tomorrow that I’ve written and have been working on since March.

This will probably be one of my biggest projects to date. I’ve never worked so hard before in my entire life, and have enjoyed and learned immensely every step along the way.

I haven’t come this far by myself. I owe tremendous thanks and gratitude to my talented cast and crew, and every single person near and far that has helped in some form or another along the way. I could never do this without you. I sincerely love and thank you all (literal tear, tear).

We will do our best to do this story justice, and hopefully bring it to the big screen somewhere near you in 2017. Wish us luck and send us good vibes, we’ll need it :)

Gotta run and make a movie…

Peace and Love,