new york city

by Katherine Yaksich


It was an honor filming JR and his team paste on the outside windows of the NYC Ballet today, especially since I’m a huge fan of his work and he’s one of my favorite artists (NYC can be so magical). I was impressed by how hard JR and his crew works, and they truly put a tremendous amount of heart and soul into each installation and pasting they do. JR is collaborating with the NYC Ballet and I’m very much looking forward to the opening night next week on January 23rd. Hope to see you there!

by Katherine Yaksich


Late last night, I rode my bike around Manhattan with a tripod and camera taking photographs of the dark and eerie city. I felt like I rode through the Twilight Zone, and it was by far the most bizarre experience I have ever had in NYC. Life in lower Manhattan is completely different, as millions of residents are still without power and/or running water. This NY Times article describes the situation quite well.

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by Katherine Yaksich

‘Mankind is no island’ is a film shot entirely on a cell phone, using found signage on the streets of NY and Sydney to tell a touching story from the very heart of two cities.

Directed by Jason van Genderen
Winner of Tropfest NY 2008!