superstorm sandy

by Katherine Yaksich


Today marks the one year anniversary of when Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on NYC, and we’re still going strong. It felt very apocalyptic, haunting, and eerie afterwards, and it’s a time that I will never forget. I’ve met people that literally lost everything, yet they manage to live life with an incredible sense of resilience. 

1. A haunting and eerie Manhattan skyline the night after Sandy devastated NYC, leaving millions and much of lower Manhattan powerless for days. This image was published by NBC New York and exhibited at Photoville NYC this year.

2. I rode my bike around Manhattan in the dark and took this photo in Soho. It was an incredibly difficult image to capture, took no less than an hour, and I still didn’t nail the focus.

3. A generator lights up this deli in the lower east side, in the midst of the darkness.