NYC Highline

by Katherine Yaksich


I had the wonderful opportunity to watch and take photos of JR pasting his Lakota Portrait on the NYC Highline yesterday. I’ve been a huge fan of his work since I discovered him after he won the Ted Prize last year. One of the lines that stood out to me from his Ted talk is that “Art can change the world” and he’s definitely changing the world through his art. According to his website, he owns the biggest art gallery in the world and exhibits freely in the streets of the world. Check out,, and this 5 minute [video] about JR and his work. I also recommend watching his TED Prize talk from last year [here]. Marc, JR’s studio manager, was gracious enough to chat with me for a few minutes and allow me to take a few photos of him holding up the portrait. The portrait is up on the Upper Highline off 30 street until it gets weathered away.

by Katherine Yaksich

Beautiful, inspiring, engaging work @JR_artist @insideoutproj @highlinenyc (Taken with  instagram )

Beautiful, inspiring, engaging work @JR_artist @insideoutproj @highlinenyc (Taken with instagram)

by Katherine Yaksich

JR installing @insideoutproj at the @highlinenyc @JR_artist (Taken with  Instagram  at Upper Highline)

JR installing @insideoutproj at the @highlinenyc @JR_artist (Taken with Instagram at Upper Highline)